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On my history with yoga

19 Dec

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Let me start this off by saying, I love yoga.  I mean, I’m not the type who attends classes all day, chit-chat with the teachers, or hang  out in the studio; I go in and out once my one class is done, and I thank the teacher at the most.  I love yoga because it is the only form of exercise I will tolerate.  I don’t run, I don’t do machines, and I hate weights.  Obviously, I’m picky.  But I do want a workout.  So between yoga and Pilates, I chose yoga cos it’s cheaper.

I almost always look for a yoga place whatever town I get assigned.  My first yoga place was Journeys in Yoga in Tallahassee.  I would always attend the power yoga once a week, and some other random class when I can.  The power yoga teacher was awesome!  I wish I could remember her name.  She was really good; and even though I started with a jelly belly, I seriously believe her sessions made it a lot stronger.  She had a very challenging core workout; and regardless of class size (which is sometimes a lot!), she takes her time to attend to each and every one in her class.

The second place was at Trinity Yoga in New Port Richey.  I like the small class size, but the class schedule didn’t work well with mine.  I also found the classes to sedate. In fairness to them, I was only able to attend vinyasa classes cos of my work schedule; so I can’t really be a good judge of the place.

Then I tried Bikram yoga (hot yoga) at Heat Yoga & Fitness in Clearwater.   That was my first Bikram.  I loved it and hated it at the same time!  My first session was tough.  The room was set to about 105 degrees Fahrenheit, and again the workout was very challenging.  Then again, you probably can make a lot of things challenging if you do it in a hot stuffy room.  I tried hot power one time and almost fainted.  It was just too much!  After that I would only do hot yoga, and ballet yoga.  Some of the teachers were good; they explain things well and do a good job of showing what they want done.  It would have been better if they provided more tactile feedback to correct forms, and suggest alternative positions.  Some of the teachers sounded like they just memorized their script.

My favorite yoga studio was South West Orlando Yoga.  Gerry was a great teacher!  I would attend his vinyasa classes, and he would explain things, and give everyone sufficient cues to improve our form.  Our classes were always small, which I love.  The classes weren’t boring either.  He loves to chat, and make the practice more personal.  This might have been the only class I’ve been to where I actually chatted with people in the room.  This is the most I miss in Orlando.

Right now I’m trying out A Yoga Village in Clearwater.  I’ve done a few classes -Hot Yoga with Mable, Alignment & Deep Stretch with Lisa, Kundalini with  Ram Gian Singh, Ashtanga with Sydney, and Power Yoga with Linda.  Except for a hot yoga session with another instructor (whose name I forgot), I like this place.  I love Linda the most though.  She had so much energy, and I really like teachers who give feedback.  And she gives them in boatloads!  Her power class was fast and flowing.  A lot of sun salutations and some inversions.  Lisa’s class was pretty good too; while not as strenuous as Linda’s, I like how the session flows.  There’s a lot of focus on holding positions and rotations.  I just don’t like huge class size.  And while I am not really into meditation too much, the Kundalini class which used gong during savasana was interesting.  I might just do this at least once a month.  It focused more on quieting the mind, and really just focusing on what you’re doing.  I don’ really like those type of classes too much; but sometimes it’s a nice change of pace too.  The class also gave my quads a work out.  All in all, the place is great cos it offers a lot of classes, and different teachers.  My only issue is that it’s more expensive than the places I usually go.  Hopefully, I can afford to stay.

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